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Large Moving Kit
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MEGA Moving Kit

MEGA Moving Kit
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Based on our experience, we created a MEGA kit of packing materials necessary for packing, securing and storing items when renovating or moving home. No move will seem troublesome with this kit!

This kit helps you save up to 15%.

The MEGA moving kit includes:

  • 5 x wardrobe box with hanging bar – dimensions: 50x60 cm; height: 115 cm. Made from strong five-ply cardboard. Protects your clothes from creasing thanks to a hanging bar. Ideal for packing, carrying and storing your clothing: coats, jackets, shirts, trousers, dresses, seasonal or rarely used clothes, as well as bulk items, such as strollers and baby carriers. Read more…
  • 30 x large packing carton with the Less Mess Storage logo (45x60 cm, height: 45 cm). Easy to carry thanks to cut-out handles.  Suitable for packing light items, such as linen, blankets, toys or clothes.
  • 30 x small packing carton with the Less Mess Storage logo (35x40 cm, height: 40 cm). Easy to carry thanks to cut-out handles. Ideal for heavier items, such as books, files, small household appliances, glassware, tableware or small personal belongings.
  • 20 x mini brown cardboard box – a packing carton 30x25 centimetres, height: 20 centimetres. Made from brown three-ply cardboard, C flute. Ideal for shipping and storing small items, such as mugs, glasses, souvenirs, CDs, and samples of company materials and advertising gadgets.
  • 100 linear metres of bubble wrap (a 1 metre wide roll) – Protects fragile items (glassware, mirrors, furniture, audio/video devices, household appliances, etc.) against scratching, vibration and shock.
  • 2 x roll of clear stretch film – 50 cm wide, 120 linear metres. Protects cartons and other items, such as furniture, against weather conditions and dirt.
  • 2 x black stretch film – 50 cm wide, 120 linear metres. Discreet – its black colour conceals contents for increased security during transport and storage of valuable items. Protects cartons and other items, such as furniture, against weather conditions and dirt.
  • 10 x packing tape with the Less Mess Storage logo. Guarantees that your cartons and other packages are safely sealed. A logo print gives you certainty that no one tried to open your package.
  • 10 x plastic bag 240 l – High-quality heavy-duty plastic bags. Ideal for removing debris, packing bulk items or light items, such as blankets, linen or bedspreads. Additionally reinforced external seams make them extremely durable and safe.
  • 10 x vacuum bag – 60x80 centimetres, clear-coloured. Easy to use. All you need to make them work is a regular vacuum cleaner. Vacuum bags reduce the volume of items by as much as 75% to help you save space and keep your belongings in order. Use them when moving home, travelling, to store seasonal clothing such as jackets or sweaters or bulk items such as duvets, pillows, linen, blankets, bedspreads and soft toys. They protect your belongings from dust, dirt, moisture and insects.
  • 5 x protective blanket – 240x150 cm. Made from non-woven cotton fabric with an overlock edge. Ideal for wrapping items to protect them against vibration. Also perfect for securing fragile items for longer storage or when moving or renovating your home. Use them, for example, for moving heavy items across the floor to protect it from scratching.
  • 1 kilogram of packing paper, or approx. 23 sheets 80x120 centimetres. Easy to crumple, it is perfect for wrapping tableware, glassware, chinaware and ceramic items.
  • 2 x Stanley Knife – A quick and easy tool for cutting packaging tape or bubble wrap. Works with precision to cut open cardboard boxes and other packages. Often used for cutting paper or wallpaper and as a go-to tool at home. Long-lasting and effective thanks to the snap-off blade which has several segments.
  • 1 x Packer dispenser – A handheld dispenser for taping boxes and other packages. It makes packing quick and easy while saving tape. Useful when you have many boxes to seal. Made of metal and plastic, it is durable, lightweight and easy to use.
  • 5 x dotted gloves – Hemmed knitted gloves with dots on palm. They protect and fit your hands perfectly. They are non-slip for a better grip when carrying items. Made of cotton and polyester, they are more durable and breathable.
  • 1 x marker pen – Sign your boxes to quickly find the one you need.
  • 1 x pack of CAUTION GLASS warning labels (10 pcs)
  • 1 x pack of DO NOT THROW warning labels (10 pcs)     
  • 1 x pack of TOP and BOTTOM warning labels (10 pcs)
Warning labels are stickers designed to firmly adhere to any surface. Stick them onto your packages for improved safety during transport and storage.

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Small Moving Kit

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Large Moving Kit

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