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Wardrobe Box without Hanging Bar, 50x60 cm, height: 115 cm

Wardrobe Box without Hanging Bar, 50x60 cm, height: 115 cm
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Price: 29,99 zł

A wardrobe box 50x60 centimetres, height: 115 centimetres.
Made from strong five-ply cardboard.

A wardrobe box with the Less Mess Storage logo. Ideal for packing, carrying and storing your clothing: coats, jackets, shirts, trousers, dresses, and seasonal or rarely used clothes. Because of its large size, it is often used for transporting bulk items with an unusual shape, such as strollers and baby carriers.  Complete with a hanging bar, it keeps your stored items in order and can be used at home as a mini wardrobe.  A front access panel lets you access your clothes at any time without unpacking the box. High quality makes it suitable for multiple use.  Easy to carry thanks to cut-out handles.

Buy a wardrobe box with hanging bar together with a moving kit of your choice and pay 20% less!  Just check…

Wardrobe boxes are usually bought in flat packs of 5.
Pack dimensions: 110x165x10 centimetres.

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